Business Intelligence

Use one powerful, feature-rich system to easily and instantly understand sales rep, team and dealership performance through comparative real-time business analytics

Real-time dashboards

The depth of data and insights required for your sales leaders to systematically understand and improve sales performance at every level of your dealer network - all in one system.

Compare and predict

Use daily sales control, marketing ROI, comparative analytics, target setting, lost sales analysis, model split analysis, and sales rep / team / location performance.

Automate reporting

Use the flexible and comprehensive reporting suite to generate automated reports in real-time covering micro to macro views of your whole dealer network.


Quickly and efficiently identify areas of both weak and strong sales performance and allocate resources more effectively to boost overall business performance.

Sales and Lead Progress Reports

Use the highly customisable sales progress reports and inbound lead progress reports to see leads won/lost/delivered, conversion ratio, test drive ratio, overdue activities and more.

Sales Progress

Select a Date Range and filter by Lead Type (All, New, Existing), Pipeline e.g., New or Used), or Make & Model.

Inbound Lead Progress

Select a Date Range and filter by Inbound Source and Lead Type and use advanced filters for Make & Model, Campaign, Lead Origin and more.

Lead KPIs

Filter by Campaign (events, marketing, etc.), Enquiry Type (Phone, Walk-in, Web) or Lead Origin (Dealer Website, Carsales, OEM, and more) for inbound and sales pipelines.

Tailored for networks and OEMs

Get an accurate real-time view of your entire sales pipeline, including real-time KPIs and sales performance for an individual sales executive to the whole dealer network / OEM level.

Dedicated module

Use the dedicated Group / OEM module for real-time business intelligence analytics and automated reporting across your entire dealership network.

Centralise data

Consolidate all customer / lead data in one database at network / OEM level, including digital inbound leads, telephone inbound, events and campaign leads, and more.

Segregate dealers

Customise database access levels so individual dealers only have access to their own data, while the OEM / network level has full access to the whole group database.

More features

Front desk queuing system

Automated queuing system ensures the right lead is met with the right sales person

DMS integration

Integrate with any DMS, CRM or inventory management system

24/7 support

Built-in live chat anytime, anywhere on any device 24/7/365


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