Customer management

Implement a fully automated customer lifecycle program that improves customer satisfaction, boosts brand loyalty and creates more sales opportunities

360° customer profile

Get instant access to a comprehensive overview of every customer’s journey through the entire customer lifecycle.

Track everything

Follow the customer lifecycle from delivery, through service cycles, birthdays and anniversaries, warranty expiry and more.


Keep records of every single customer interaction in one single system, from their very first enquiry to their most recent contact.


Segment customers for targeted marketing campaigns, such as service reminders, finance renewals, insurance renewals and warranty expiries.

Keep customers engaged

Nurture valuable relationships with every customer by setting up an automatic communication plan that follows their full customer lifecycle


Easily tailor the customer experience for each person to develop a more nuanced understanding of their personal preferences.

Create opportunities

Analyse more data points throughout a customer’s ownership and product lifecycle to capitalise on every sales opportunity.


Ensure consistent, authentic interaction with every customer using a combination of automated and on-demand communication.

Integrated campaign management

Use the built-in EDM builder module to stay on top of your digital marketing campaigns without leaving the AMS platform.

Create and automate

Plan, build and run ongoing, targeted follow-up campaigns using the easy drag-and-drop tools with automated scheduling.


Use email, two-way SMS and live chat features to maintain an effective dialogue between your customers and your team.


Optimise your customer communications using campaign engagement analytics, ROI analysis and other customised reporting tools.

More features

24/7 support

Built-in live chat anytime, anywhere on any device 24/7/365

DMS integration

Integrate with any DMS, CRM or inventory management system

Built for OEMs

Designed to give OEMs real-time group-wide transparency and oversight


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