Lead capture and management

Capture and manage all inbound leads - online and offline - in a single full-featured platform

Multi-channel lead capture

Don't miss a single enquiry - capture inbound leads from any source


Integrate with any lead source to manage all your web leads, walk-ins, phone-ins and other enquiries in one user-friendly system.

Attribute leads

Assign source attribution to all walk-in traffic, record customer details and all necessary lead information on the spot.


Easily configure AMS Pro to work with or without a front desk receptionist, assigning leads to sales consultants, scheduling follow-ups, and even updating customer details.

Lead management and CRM

Minimise manual data entry and manage every lead in a single platform

Aggregate every lead

Forget the traditional dealer lead management system - aggregate every lead from every source and manage them in one platform.

Track and qualify

AMS Pro tracks the process of each lead throughout the pipeline, identifying hot leads, and recovering missed opportunities by reassigning leads.

Analyse and improve

AMS Pro helps you analyse the decision-making process and identify areas for improvement.

Built-in test drive module

Manage test drive bookings and data tracking automatically as part of your sales process.

Scan licenses

Use license scanning to autofill all customer information, up-to-date license status and addresses for all states and countries.

Track everything

Easily extract test drive analytics to better understand how test drives directly impact sales.

Get insights

Take advantage of an easy, efficient way to show your customers how much you value them and lift their engagement with your showroom.

Built-in appraisal module

Streamline the whole vehicle appraisal process with real-time collaboration between the dealership, the wholesalers and your customers.


Forget about appraisal pads. Capture, manage and report on appraisals in the one feature-rich system.

Go digital

Manage the entire appraisal process using your mobile - photos, inspection reports and wholesaller pricing all in one place, in real-time.

Go direct

Communicate directly with your wholesalers to price your vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Built-in quotation builder module

Create and send a professional sales quote to a prospect with one tap on a mobile or tablet.


Easily create a unique branded quote template that showcases your brand in a professional sales quotation.


Capture electronic signatures. Print, email or download quotes. Automatically generate quote history within the lead.


Easily integrate your quotations with your accounting platform and payment gateway.

Automated EDMs and SMS

Increase selling opportunities through an automated customer lifecycle program using targeted marketing.


Send and schedule customised emails and SMS text messages to customers at anytime.


Segment customers into categories for highly-targeted marketing campaigns, including service reminders, finance renewals, insurance reminders and warranties.


Easily schedule automated follow-ups such as push notifications and emails throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

More features

Café integration

Impress customers with automated beverage orders and store their preferences

DMS integration

Integrate with any DMS, CRM or inventory management system

Front desk queuing system

Automated queuing system ensures the right lead is met with the right sales person


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