Sales management

Empower your sales teams with a fully digital all-in-one car sales platform built specifically for the automotive industry

All-in-one car sales platform

A single standardised platform across your entire dealer network, enabling you to digitise your sales processes from start to finish


The AMS Pro Sales Control Board puts sales workflow, lead management and inventory in the palm of your hand.


Tailor the Pipeline view to your own sales process and unify the sales journey across your entire dealer network.


Real-time sales funnel tracking lets you monitor latest sales performance, KPIs and key metrics, anytime, anywhere.

Make more sales

Maintain a comprehensive real-time overview of your showroom’s activity and your team’s performance


Implement task and approval management, and the automated next-up salesperson queueing system to boost showroom efficiency.


Identify and track hot prospects to increase conversion ratios, and get notified which deals need your attention.


Set-up contact triggers to automate follow-ups and business rules for your sales team. Send customised emails and SMSs to customers and track campaign performance.

Maximise team performance

Combine advanced data insights and automotive best practices to systematically understand and improve sales performance


Set your team targets, manage their performance, and view online/offline and engaged staff in real-time.


Are your sales people churning and burning your customers? Identify training requirements quickly and easily with simple-to-view data.


Test drive to sales, persistency of follow-ups and many other insightful reports. Customise reporting on all relevant KPIs to suit your processes.

Free your team to sell

Maximise the talent of your sales team by freeing them up to do what they do best - selling cars

Streamline appraisals

Ditch the valuation pad and get photos, inspection reports and wholesaler pricing all in one place to win every trade-in.

Integrate with your DMS

Avoid data double-up - simply enter your prospects in AMS Pro and have them automatically synced in your DMS.

Stay mobile

Slick mobile-friendly functionality, compatible with iOS and Android, with full front desk integration.

More features

Built-in modules

Manage and streamline trade-ins, appraisals and quotations using one system

Built for OEMs

Designed to give OEMs real-time group-wide transparency and oversight

24/7 support

Built-in live chat anytime, anywhere on any device 24/7/365


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