Use the most powerful tool for Group Principals and OEMs ever built - designed from the ground up specifically for the automotive industry

Built for dealer networks and OEMs

Get an accurate real-time view of your entire sales pipeline, from the point of the enquiry to the completed sale, in a single standardised platform across the dealer network

See everything

See an objective big picture view of your entire dealer network and drill down for real-time KPIs for any dealership all the way to the individual employee level.

Take action

Have the depth of data and insights required to systematically understand and improve sales performance at every level of your dealer network - all in one system.

Take control

Set database access permissions to control what each dealership sees while giving unrestricted access to all data points at the OEM and group level.

Total campaign management

Take advantage of a powerful system that enables every cog in the dealer network wheel to access the tools they need, while giving the OEM and group level total oversight


Set up and standardise the enquiry process across the dealer network, using the pipeline concept to map the whole sales process journey.


Use the pipeline to forecast, plan and measure the success of campaigns and performance manage accordingly across the dealer, dealer group and dealer network.

Be proactive

Be proactive not reactive - see exactly what’s happening across the group as it’s happening - don’t wait until the end of the week or month to act and get things back on track.

Flexible lead management solutions

Set up and customise sales and lead management workflows that fit in with each dealer’s existing systems and established processes


Use one system at the OEM and group level that integrates with the different sales processes of each brand across the entire dealer network.

Track every lead

Maintain constant, accurate real-time visibility of all the leads in your network, from first enquiry to sale, across every channel, campaign and source.

Integrate everything

Set up a unified enquiry management platform that is scalable, adaptable and compatible with multiple market-specific processes and hierarchies.

Improved data quality from all sales touchpoints

Extract vital business data not just from enquiries but from all sales touchpoints and each and every touchpoint in your customer lifecycle

Get quality data

Implement a comprehensive lead management system that ensures data quality and promotes consistent dealer engagement.

Build meaningful KPIs

Go way beyond basic enquiry information and gather high quality data that enables you to transfer standardised KPIs into your central reporting platform.

Eliminate inaccuracies

Ensure your network-level lead management KPI process is supported at the dealership level to ensure data accuracy and prevent manipulation.

Measure, manage and plan with confidence

Get the data quality required for future volume planning, dealer network development, and overarching business profitability

Report ad hoc in real-time

Report at national, regional, and dealer level; report by status, lead type, vehicle model, salesperson, verbatim comments, follow-ups, lead status and more.

Monitor the entire sales process

Accurately measure every sales KPI, including percentage of test drives offered, quotes offered, conversion rates, manager intros and lead progression.

Manage individual performance

Review dealer enquiry conversion metrics right down to the salesperson level for comprehensive performance management.

Best-in-class integration capabilities

Get an edge using a platform designed and developed solely for the automotive industry business model, from the OEM level right through to the retail end of the sales pipeline

Connect every platform

Use a single dashboard to integrate data from multiple sources and platforms including your CRM, CDP, DMS, CMS, aggregators, marketing apps and more.

Communicate from any device

Communicate with customers and each other through multiple channels and web-based applications on any device.

Personalise dashboards

Create custom dashboards for every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle, including OEM, importer, Dealer Principal, Sales Manager / Advisor, Service Manager, and more.

Enrich the customer experience

Create a highly-personalised tailored experience for each customer based on their personal preferences using a combination of automated and on-demand communication channels

Let your teams sell

AMS Pro’s mobile-friendly, intuitive interface maximises responsiveness and alerts your sales teams to every upsell opportunity throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Proactively manage performance

Use real-time reporting on individual KPIs across the entire network to easily and accurately assess performance and identify training requirements.

Record everything

Capture and record every interaction between customers and dealers in each customer profile - every call, message, follow-up, reminder, query, feedback, and more.

Trust a registered TISAX Participant

At Fusion SD, we use TISAX to assess the security of our own information systems and those of our business partners, and our TISAX assessment result is available on the ENX Portal

Protect your information

We value the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the information we collect and have taken extensive measures for its protection.

See standardised results

We adhere to the automotive industry standard of information security requirements defined by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA).

Retrieve our assessment

Fusion SD’s TISAX Assessments are conducted by accredited audit providers and the results are exclusively retrievable on the ENX Portal.

More features

24/7 support

Built-in live chat anytime, anywhere on any device 24/7/365

DMS integration

Integrate with any DMS, CRM or inventory management system

Built-in modules

Manage and streamline trade-ins, appraisals and quotations using one system


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